Topics to cover:

Have lectured in: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, The Faero Islands, Greenland, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, USA, South Africa, India and Australia on the following topics:

From a Scandinavian perspective a presentation on topics like:

  • How do we see a connection between movement-, language- and academic learning in children
  • Natural, cultural, dynamic development of sensation and motor functions in children – an ongoing learning process
  • How do we evaluate mainstream children when they start in school in order to prevent learning difficulties and to promote enthusiasm for academic learning
  • What do we do to promote self-esteem, self-confidence and playfulness – so academic learning will go swimmingly…..
  • Water-Activities – Oceans of Possibilities
  • Water-Activities with People of all Ages with Physical and/or Mental Disabilities (from one to five days)
  • Water-Activities as part of Occupational Therapy Intervention and of Special Education (from one to five days)
  • Promoting Activity, Participation and Playfulness through Water-Activities
  • Water – a Space for Playing and Learning
  • Promoting Activity, Participation, Playfulness and Sensory Integration through Water-Based Intervention – from an Occupational Therapy Perspective.